Digitati Technologies can deploy a wide range of engineering skills to suit the needs of your company.

Systems Safety and Human Factors

At Digitati Technologies we understand the mix of people and technology that makes up a modern complex system, or system of systems. By understanding the detailed interactions at the Human Computer Interface, using a range of techniques and empirical knowledge from demanding users like the Royal Navy, Digitati Technologies is able to bring safety and operability to the forefront of your projects.



Computers and other hand-held devices need to be faster than ever, but as the power of a product increases, so does the challenge of dealing with waste energy. Thermal modelling, and bespoke mathematical models, have never been more important.

Digitati Technologies has long employed such models to successfully solve electronics cooling problems, even in the face of unusual constraints such as no fans or moving parts, or a wish to prevent high external surface temperatures.

Software Design

Software is a growth area in almost all areas these days.

Digitati Technologies has aided companies with MRPII and Enterprise planning software,  complex data management, and secure and safety affecting software for use in highly regulated environments. With a background encompassing complex systems architecture, Digitati Technologies can provide a true end-to-end support solution, froim the business needs analysis and URD production through to deployed code with associated Validation and Verification against appropriate legislation and industry rules.

Design and Support Engineering

Key staff within Digitati Technologies bring into play over 35 years of design experience, including some of the highest profile projects within the UK. Our engineering design has included work within naval platforms, armoured vehicles, aerospace products, consumer electronics and telecoms equipment, both domestic and overseas.

As always, these services are tailored to suit our client, and strictly confidential if required. We can either apply our engineering expertise on your behalf, or work to support existing engineering teams with specialist tasks and consultancy.

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