Media is a fast growing industry and Digitati Technologies is ready to manage media products for clients, offering everything you will need to make your company shine.


Photography & Video

A picture can tell 1000 words about your brand and product. Accurate photography is therefore a vital component to making an impact in the global market.

Digitati Technologies offers a full digital service, from setting up and helping with choice of graphic requirements, to finished digital images and video in both digital and printed format for still images.

As always, this service is tailored to your individual needs and requirements, be it product pack shots, personal and corporate image photography, forensic engineering images, or material for marketing and training. ¬†Digitati Technologies uses a fully calibrated workflow, from lens to final image, providing full control of your graphic information. ¬† Digitati Technologies can operate full remote studio capability as required, allowing us to come to you, if those images just “need to be there”.

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