Digitati Technologies specialises in the management of complex or troubled programmes, including business and process change, team building and governance advice. We can also provide a variety of training packages.

Our clients have covered a wide range of fields including Transport, Health, Defence and Aerospace.

When things go wrong

Recovery Support

Digitati Technologies brings to the table a quarter of a century of experience in technical and business leadership. We engage with you to assist in the recovery of programmes that are running late or overbudget, and this can be as much or as little as you require. From running a single project for you, to helping to restructure your entire portfolio, including governance and KPI.

Digitati Technologies’ background in Stakeholder Management and Programme Leadership at all levels means that we can offer a fully tailored mix of experience and proven techniques that suit your needs, ensuring that processes left in place are effective. Digitati Technologies drives towards continued growth for your company.

That's better


Progress is impossible without change, but change must be brought about in a controlled, planned way if it is to be beneficial. Digitati Technologies has helped several clients in this area. From expanding interim support into new full-time roles, through to business audit and restructuring advice, Digitati Technologies brings into play the hard won experience that is needed to help your company form new ways of operating. By identifying and breaking down obstructive practices in ways that cause minimal damage to your revenue stream we allow you to go to the next level.

Digitati Technologies expertise is in business analysis and process re-engineering. Using our background in complex technology and systems architecture to inform us as we oversee the design, testing and integration of new processes that will help your business to thrive.



Running alongside our experienced consultancy service, Digitati Technologies also provides generic, specific and even bespoke training courses in several areas.

  • Systems Engineering & Requirements Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Resource Planning
  • Information Architecture

Digitati Technologies also provides tailor made packages of training specific to the technology and specialism of your company. These can either be delivered to employees on your behalf, or designed and prepared ready for your in-house training team to use, taking advantage of not only the technical and business sides of the company, but the media arm, which can provide anything from printed, to e-media to suit your needs.

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